Success Story
Strip Center Owner & Laundromat Owner

Universal Laundromat in Winterhaven, Florida is a pleasant boost to the area. Strip center owners Hash and Vipul Patel could not be happier with the complete Laundromat renovation, in which a tenant chose not to update the decades old Laundromat location, returning the keys to the strip center owners. Hash solely had owned a Laundromat years back, and was excited to get back into the business.

These entrepreneurs realized up front it takes a large commitment to create a Laundry environment the residents feel proud in. They chose to remodel the Laundromat with new Huebsch large capacity machines, which they identified as a critical need in the area prior to securing financing for the equipment in this being their first location of what they envision many to come click this.

Prime Capital wishes these entrepreneurs all the best in their continued commitment to acquire strip centers and include Laundromats as part of their strategy moving forward.