Prime Capital, Inc. offers laundromat equipment financing at fixed, competitive rates for entrepreneurs interested in Laundromat financing, apartment building owners remodeling laundry facilities, building management companies upgrading laundry equipment, condominium associations remodeling their central laundry facilities, hotels upgrading their centralized laundries, laundry plants expanding or upgrading their equipment, salons and spas investing in new equipment and laundry route operators expanding their operations: we understand your business.

In addition to financing single load, multi-load and industrial commercial washers and dryers, we finance ironers, folders, presses, finishers, sorters, hot water heaters, boilers, bulkheads, signage, bases, coin boxes, smart card systems, value adders, seating tables, chairs, seating units, bill changers, vending machines, locks and keys, shelves, digital scales, security cameras, wire carts.

Prime Capital, Inc. partners with real-estate brokers to provide acquisition financing for Laundromats they list.  As a result, we refinance our customers when they grow their businesses by acquisition of additional Laundromats.

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